About Us

TransWorld Aircraft Pte Ltd was established in Singapore with the aim of marketing Business Aircraft in S.E. Asia. The principals of the company have over 45 years of aircraft marketing in the region.

TransWorld Aircraft Pte Ltd is the Cessna Authorized Sales Representative (ASR) for Indonesia and Timor Leste. We offer the full range of Cessna aircraft and we offer financing and leasing solutions to support our buyers.

We can trade in your existing aircraft on a new Cessna aircraft.

The three most popular Cessna model’s in Indonesia are:
– Cessna 172 which is a 4 place single engine aircraft used for Flying Training.
– Cessna Caravan which is a 9 to 12 place single engine Turbine Powered utility aircraft.
– Cessna Citation XLS+ which is a 6 to 8 place twin engines Business Jet.

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